• Is VROOM KABOOM Free-To-Play?


YES! VROOM KABOOM is Free-To-Play with Premium unlockable content.

On PLAYSTATION, the FTP version is available under "DEMO":

And the Premium version is available here:

On STEAM, the FTP version is available here:

And the Premium version (you must have the FTP version) is available here:

• What do I get with the Premium version?

The PREMIUM version of VROOM KABOOM unlocks all content accessibility, letting players build the ultimate deck for battles against opponents. With over 70 different vehicles and units in-game, players will get immediate access to the 40+ premium faction cards letting them build with these faction-specific choices from the get-go. These premium cards are unlocked by collecting scraps in the FTP version, yet immediately unlocked with the PREMIUM version.

• What platform is it available on?

VROOM KABOOM is available on PLAYSTATION 4 & PC (STEAM) as well as in VR on PS VR, OCULUS RIFT & HTC VIVE. We do not support the HTC VIVE Pro & Windows Mixed Reality.

• How many people can play at the same time?

We support single player (with AI) and multiplayer matches, 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3!

• Is there a ranking system?

Each time you win or lose your rank will be adjusted positively or negatively against your opponent’s rank. If you win against a higher ranked opponent, you will gain more points than if you win against a lower ranked opponent. In team matches, the averaged rank of your team and the enemy team are used to evaluate the Elo differences!

• Is this a driving/racing game?

Not quite! Although VROOM KABOOM sports high-speed driving action, we describe it as a Tower Defense Collectible Card game where your Vehicles are your weapons! Use them to crash into your enemy’s towers to destroy them and to defend your own towers by crashing into oncoming vehicles.

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• How do I play?


• How do I read a card?


COST: In order to play a card, you must have enough resources (Oil or Fire Power). Once played, this amount will be subtracted from your resource pool.

RECYCLE: When you do not have enough resources to play a specific card or have run out of resources to play any cards, you can recycle a card by pressing the recycle button (on the Gamepad), or by dragging and dropping a card directly into the recycling bin (Mouse or VR). Once recycled, the card will be removed from your hand and the amount of resources in the lower right of the card will be credited to your resource pool.

ABILITY: Each vehicle has a special ability. Aside from the Self-Destruct ability, all abilities are cooldown-based, meaning you can reuse them multiple times.

SPEED: How fast the unit moves along the battlefield. Remember, the faster you go, the more damage you deal. Vehicles moving at full speed will do full damage, vehicles moving at low speed will do little to no damage.

HEALTH: How much damage the vehicle can take before exploding! In VROOM KABOOM, health and damage are closely knit. The amount of damage you do is also proportional to your remaining health. For example, a very badly damaged tank can be destroyed by a smaller vehicle with full health.

DAMAGE: The damage value is displayed as the potential damage the vehicle can cause. This includes impact damage (crashing at full speed) and ability-based damage (machine guns, rockets, self-destruct)

• How do I earn scraps?

You collect scraps in loot boxes (which you get by playing matches). The amount of scraps you win is dependent of your performance. For ex: if you beat a high ranked player, you will win more scraps.

• How do I get new cards?

To unlock new cards, you can either unlock them individually with scraps or you can purchase the premium version which unlocks all of them at once.

Then, all you need is to win those unlocked cards in Loot boxes to fill in the slots!

• What do I get with the scraps I earn?

Using the scraps you earned, you can unlock and collect new cards for your collection!

• What are those elements behind my vehicle?


HEALTH: The yellow bar represents the current percentage of health your vehicle has remaining. When taking damage, you will see your health bar deplete from right to left. When your health bar reaches zero… KABOOM!

NITRO: The red bar represents the current charge level of your nitro. When the bar is fully red you have full nitro. Managing your Nitro is a very important aspect of VROOM KABOOM. Remember, the faster you are travelling, the more damage you do when you crash into something. It is hugely beneficial to travel as fast as you can before crashing and the best way to do this is using your nitro.

You can activate your nitro at any time by pressing the nitro button (X on the controller and W on the keyboard). Once activated your vehicle will gain a speed increase until your nitro bar is depleted. Once depleted your vehicle will return to its normal speed and the nitro bar will start to recharge. You can use your nitro as many times as you can in a single run so don’t be shy!

AIR NITRO: If you activate your nitro when your vehicle is off the ground (for ground vehicles only) you will receive an instantaneous speed boost on top of the regular nitro speed. If you need to get moving quickly, want to go for a floating pickup, or are about to crash into a tower, using the in-air nitro can be a great choice.

MINES: As you collect mines along the road, they will attach themselves to your vehicle. The amount of mines is displayed above your health bar.

• What resources do I have and what do I do with them?


RESOURCE HUD: The resource HUD conveys the amount of resources (Oil and Fire Power) you own at all times. The information is presented in real-time; your global resource pool increases as you pick up resources and decreases as you use cards.

RESOURCES: There are 2 types of resource in VROOM KABOOM: Oil and Fire Power.

Oil is the primary resource, used to play a vast majority of vehicles.

Firepower is the secondary resource; it is usually reserved for higher tiered vehicles capable of dealing considerable damage or which have a higher impact on the game’s outcome.

Your Oil and Fire Power resources will automatically recharge over time, adding to your global resource pool. Oil recharges at a much faster pace than Fire Power.

Both resources can also be found in numerous places along the battlefield in the form of collectibles. To collect them simply drive over them and they will be added to your global resource pool. Resource pickups will respawn after a certain amount of time allowing you (or your opponent) to collect them repeatedly.

Collecting resources is a vital strategy as this will give you the ability to play more cards, faster than your opponent.

MINES: Mines can also be collected on the battlefield (they are not to be avoided!). To collect a mine, you simply drive over it (similar to resources) and it will attach itself to your vehicle.

When your vehicle explodes (on impact with another vehicle or when crashing into an oil tank), all the mines you have collected will detach from your vehicle and cause an explosion, damaging anything in their proximity.

Collecting mines is especially useful to apply extra damage to your opponent’s oil tanks, or to help destroy defensive objects such as turrets and roadblocks.

RESOURCE GENERATOR: There are two types of resource generators in VROOM KABOOM: Oil and Fire Power Generators. These generators can be played just like any other card in the game. Each team can place up to 4 generators per match (which you will see physical representations of around your base). You will also see a small icon representing the type of generator on your resource HUD.

Once a generator is installed it will increase your rate of production of that specified resource. Building generators early in the game can give you a considerable advantage over your opponent. But be careful, generators can be destroyed by your opponent just like any other object in the game, so keep an eye on them!

• What happens when I run out of resources?

Resources slowly regenerate with time. However, if you do run out of resources, therefore cards to play, you can either:

1. Wait for them to regenerate

2. Recycle cards to gain their value back in Oil or Fire

  •"Y" button on the Controller

  •Drag and drop card onto recycle bin on Mouse & in VR

3. You can take our trusted Free-To-Play Scooter ("EURO") out for a ride and pick up as many resources as possible.


• What can my vehicles do? What are their abilities?




• What are the controls?


• Can I use my controller on PC?

YES! We have full support for controller as well as keyboard and mouse for all you PC gamers out there!

• Why can't I drive my vehicle?

Steering a vehicle at high speed requires a significant amount of brainpower to manage. If you let go of the controls for a second, you crash! What we found when developing VROOM KABOOM is that it is very difficult to do anything else once you’re tasked with driving at high speed. From the very beginning our goal was to provide a mix of action and strategy simultaneously. Very quickly we found out this was incredibly difficult for the player to manage.

To get around this, we experimented with a lane-based driving solution with self-driving cars. We managed to free up a considerable amount of players’ brainpower from having to precisely control their vehicle at all times, which allowed us to infuse our additional (mental) elements of challenge into the gameplay.

• How do I steer?