Quentin "Rush Hour" Anderson

Spare him your attempts at imitating his Jamaican accent, Quentin prefers genuine laughs. A hyper-active busy-body who believes two guns are better than one, he takes great pride in his culture's heritage, and loves taking things slow when not in the field. A decorated soldier, he leapt at the chance to test early versions of Lemnis' kinetic booster. Still a kid at heart, he loves eating marshmallow cereal and watching outrageous cartoons.


Machine Gun AKA "Auto Rifle"

Rush Hour rapid-fires his "Dual Shredders" to eliminate his foes.

Grenade AKA "Frag"

Rush Hour propels himself forward to avoid enemy fire or to quickly dash around the environment.

Our reward for pulling this off is sacrificing our lives to give the old guard a second chance. I wonder if I’ll ever be born?
— Quentin Anderson

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